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China Summer Camp | Our Team
MandarinRocks Teachers
Quality and passion are never over-rated at MandarinRocks. Our commitment to excellence propels us to surpass the rigorous standards of Education Ministry and other schools. MandarinRocks carefully select teachers based on their experience, expertise and, above all, dedication to students. All of them are degree holders, experienced and passionate about teaching their native language. Additionally many of the teachers have considerable life experience having worked in a broad range of areas from the commercial world to the performing arts. All of them speak English or other languages. This adds up to a cosmopolitan team, which is the way it should be for a city like Shanghai or Beijing.

Irene.C (on right) worked as George W. Bush's interpreter at 2010 Halter Financial Summit in Shanghai

Peter.X was in top 20 on the National Sprite Chinese Idol Show 2009

MandarinRocks teachers draw on their skills and experience to select the most appropriate approach for each student or group. The summer camp faculty is carefully selected among all teachers with rich experience in teaching young people of various ages and implements a wide array of techniques and activities that speak to every age group and learning type. Teacher performance and teaching progress are always meticulously screened.

What makes us really special is the caring and personalized attention staff and teachers give students, both in and out of the classroom. MandarinRocks provides close approach to every problem or concern a student might have.

Camp Director
Camp Director holds the highest level of responsibility and works closely with counselors for daily camp operation.

Counselors work closely with teachers and supervise teaching progress, lead activities, trips and ensure each student makes the most of their stay. There are counselors that stay with full camp students in student apartments to handle daily logistic arrangement. One counselor is assigned to each group of 8-10 students. These counselors spend 24 hours per day with their group, acting as mentors and tutors as well as taking care of every personal need or concern that each student may have.

The Rest of the Team
Liaise, logistics, residence staff, professors and editors.

 Overview   Why Us   Our Team   To Parents
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MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
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Fax +86 21 62883988
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