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China Summer Camp | Parents Guide
With youth proven to be the best time in a person's life to learn new skills, summer camps around the world have been conceived to reach out to youngsters' interests while simultaneously keeping them active between school years. With a perfect balance of language classes, fun workshop, sports, activities and cultural excursions, MandarinRocks China Summer Camp program is an ideal way to keep your child or teen active, both physically and intellectually, between school years.

Our summer camps in China provide kids and teens with a Chinese immersion atmosphere that fosters fast language learning. It will give them access to a wide array of resources that cannot be found in a traditional classroom. They will take an active part in the everyday life of the country, close to the people, immersing themselves in their culture.

The program also encourages youngsters to make friends from different countries, discover new things and open their minds to a new and different culture. The Chinese skills they gain, not to mention the invaluable cultural awareness, will stimulate and open their young minds, provide them with an advantage over their peers in Chinese classes and encourage them to appreciate the world's diversity.

Airport Transfers, Welcoming, Study, Housing, Activities, Excursions, Support. We take care of all details and your kids will have memorable experience in China this summer!

What parents say about us
Jonathan T (USA)
Father of Serena (16yrs).
Program taken: 4 week full camp, Jul 13- Aug 07, 2015
"Thank you so much for providing our daughter with such a wonderful learning experience of Chinese language and culture! She has enjoyed it so much, and we are happy to recommend your school to all our friends and family!"

Caroline O (USA)
Mother of Kaiser (15yrs) and Kevin (17yrs).
Program taken: 2 week full camp, Jul 25- Aug 05, 2011
"We just came back from our long trip, we stayed in the Philippines after their trip to shanghai. My kids were so glad they went as they learned to speak mandarin and they had a real good time with you and all about the school . I just want to thank you for all your help, hoping to send them again next year."

Marie P (USA)
Mother of Ben (17yrs).
Program taken: 4 week full camp, Jul 11- Aug 05, 2011
"Just wanted to let you know Ben returned home this weekend safe and sound and he had an excellent time. Thank you so much for all you did to make his experience a success. From what he has described, your program sounds incredible and I wanted to tell you that Ben and I would both be happy to field questions from any future parents and/or students who have questions about attending. Don't be surprised in you see Ben again in a future summer, I think he is already planing his return trip!"

 Overview   Why Us   Our Team   To Parents
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