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China Summer Camp | Pocket Money
The program fee is all inclusive, meaning students donít need to pay any thing at our camp. However, it does not cover personal spending such as private outings, extra food and drinks, shopping souvenirs etc. Students should bring some pocket money. A suggested amount is 100-150USD for each week of stay. If students need to do some serious shopping, a lot more.

Younger students may deposit their pocket money with counselors and withdraw money on a daily basis. The counselors will note deposits and withdrawals and keep an eye on the studentís spending habits, in order to help them budget their money. If you anticipate that your child will need additional money, it will be your responsibility to deliver the money, because we cannot receive or deliver money to students through our account.

A Quick Shanghai & Beijing Price Index
(recorded in 2017 when the exchange rate of USD to RMB is 1:6:86)

Food (in supermarket)
Apple: 15rmb/kg
Orange: 10rmb/kg for local oranges, 24rmb/kg for imported(Sunkist)
Mineral Water(550ml): 2rmb
Coke(355ml): 2.5rmb
Canned Coffee: 5mb
Milk(950ml): 12rmb
Ice cream: 3rmb
Fast food restaurant (McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc): 20-40rmb
Ordinary Western restaurant 50-300rmb
Coffee shop (Starbucks, Costa, etc)
coffee: 30rmb
Muffin: 7rmb
Cheese cake (slice): 20rmb
Sandwich: 15rmb
Cinema 30-70rmb
Acrobats (Era): 150rmb
Musical (Lion King): 190-790rmb
Entrance Tickets
Shanghai Disneyland: 370rmb
Happy Valley Amusement Park: 200rmb
DVD 10rmb
Hair Cut  Typically 30rmb, some large hairdressers charge 40-100rmb
Clothes Largely depend on brands, international brands like H&M, Zara, Gap, Nike, Adidas and luxuries are about the same as anywhere else, local brands are a bit cheaper
Souvenir T shirt 50rmb
Bus: most buses is one price for all stops: 2rmb. Some special buses are higher: 3-4rmb
Subway: 3rmb (within 3 stops)-6rmb, typical 4rmb
Taxi: 14rmb for the first 3 km with 2.4rmb extra for each additional km

 Visa    Flight & Arrival   Transportation   Off-campus Permission 
 Phones & Internet   Pocket Money   Clothes & Laundry 
 Insurance   Health & Safety
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