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China Summer Camp Essentials | Weekend Tours
Every weekend students will have the opportunity to explore a different city or an interesting attraction near Shanghai or Beijing. These trips introduce students to the great diversity of Chinese culture and geography. This year, the travel destinations include two former capitals in Chinese history, Hangzhou and Suzhou, the famous ancient water towns Qibao, Zhujiajiao, the largest and best amusement park in China Songjiang Happy Valley, and a unique "Agritainment" tour in Chongming island, etc. Well, let's start with a quick look from here...


Hangzhou is one of the most important tourist destinations in China, famous for its natural beauty, historical and cultural heritages and modern charm. Both the history and present bear witnesses to the charms of the city. The city was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty during which time the city's population is estimated to have been as high as one million, making it the largest city in the world. Even Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in the 13th century, gave the highest praise for Hangzhou during his travel in China and applauded it as "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest city in the world". A Chinese saying also has high praise for Hangzhou as "the paradise on earth".


Suzhou, the cradle of Wu culture dominating the Yangtze Basin, is one of the oldest cities in southern China and has been traditionally the capital of Wu nations. As early as 2500 years ago, "The Great City of Helu", the ancient name for Suzhou was established as the capital of the Wu Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history. The city is renowned for its beautiful stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens which have contributed to its status as a great tourist attraction. As the Chinese saying says: Paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below.


Qibao is the epitome of old Shanghai. As the only ancient town forming part of greater Shanghai, with a history spanning over one thousand years, Qibao is more than just a living fossil of ancient Chinese conurbation and urban planning. The town was built in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and grew into a prosperous business center during Ming (1368-1644).


Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. The town prospered through clothing and rice businesses. Today, old historical buildings such as rice shops, banks, spice stores and even a Qing dynasty post office can still be found. Zhujiajiao has many sites of historic interest, such as Fangsheng Bridge, Kezhi Garden and the Yuanjin Buddhist Temple.

Songjiang Happy Valley

A 1,200-meter-long, 33-meter-high wooden rollercoaster has been constructed at the Happy Valley theme park in Songjiang. Screeeam! The big dipper is just one of 10 major amusement rides in the 86-hectare park, which is the largest in China. The park also contains a "space shuttle" that sends riders 60 meters into the sky in two seconds flat, plus "modern leisure facilities" and a 4,500-seat theater. While at Happy Valley, you can join in the many exciting games and enjoy a variety of excellent performances which cater to both children and adults.

Chongming Agritainment

This is your chance to explore the rural area in China, to find out what villages look like and how farmers really live in China. As you might suspect, "agritainment" is a blend of the words agriculture and entertainment. We'll go deep into the suburbs of Shanghai on Chongming island. It will be a farm-based learning and entertaining tour that allows you to discover what the city cannot provide. The activities may include you-pick operations, petting zoos, horse riding (extra fee), cooking, etc.

Great Wall (Beijing)

The Great Wall is by far mankindĺs most extensive construction endeavor. It zig-zags up and down steep ridges and is punctuated with imposing watchtowers, making the Great Wall the travel icon of China. Badaling is the most popular section of the Great Wall close to Beijing (less than two hours away) and is easier to climb than the other Great Wall sections.

The weekend excursions are included in Full Camp only. However, day camp students and families are welcome to join at an additional fee.

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