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Shanghai Chinese Language School

Excellence Award Winner | Shanghai Mandarin Chinese School

We are one of the oldest, fully accredited Mandarin Chinese language schools in Shanghai, with a solid, successful history.

Founded in 2001, our Shanghai School has been offering Chinese courses in Shanghai for nearly two decades. Thousands of international students and foreign professionals had a great experience at our school learning Chinese, which leads to big changes in their lives.

In 2007, we were named Best Mandarin School of the Year for the first time by Languagecourse.Net, the world’s #1 most visited independent source for best language schools worldwide.

We have since become the only Mandarin school in Shanghai that has been honored School Quality Guarantee Seal for 10+ consecutive years as well as the latest Excellence Award. We are also a proud member of the IPSA Consortium, a well-known worldwide organization for only the best internationally recognized language schools and study abroad programs in over 42 countries.

Our secret to success? Simple:

1. People
We probably have the most experienced Mandarin teachers in Shanghai. Many of our teachers have 10+ years of experience. They have met all kinds of students: fast learners, slow learners, super slow learners, hearing impaired, tone-deaf… They know each person has a different “rhythm” and they know how to use different strategies to teach each individual properly.

2. Methodology
Can you imagine we managed to develop a workable methodology long before the existence of YouTube, iPhone, Pleco, and Scritter…? Now it’s getting even better in the age of digital explosion, with videos, and apps integrated into our course.

3. Passion
Passion is what motivates you to learn Chinese. Passion is what motivates us to offer you the best Chinese program. Our burning desire to promote the Chinese language and culture across the globe never ceased, not a single day from the year 2001. This is the factor that too many schools are neglecting but it’s never over-rated at our school.

Interested in our history and getting to know our team? You can read it here and here.

Our site is not really about how awesome we are. It’s about you, where you are headed, what you can anticipate, and how we can help you fulfill your dream to speak Chinese.

Learn Chinese in Shanghai

Shanghai is amazing.

Shanghai is another New York. You will be attuned to the frenetic vibe this city exudes - the swirl of stores and restaurants and people that collide on every corner you can see.

Not surprisingly, Shanghai is the most chosen destination for Mandarin learners coming to China.

If you love cities – the space, the intensity, the density, the constant feeling of motion and the sensory overload, you must come to Shanghai.

Our Location - Central Shanghai

Conveniently located in the heart of Shanghai, in the vibrant Jing'an District, our Chinese Language School occupies an elegant, classic Shanghai-style townhouse, tucked back in a quiet alley.

Our well-equipped school offers a professional and relaxing atmosphere. The very centrally-located yet elegant and tranquil location offers you an ideal environment to study and enjoy the city of Shanghai, outside the limits of the usual tourist itineraries.

Jing’an district, contrary to its name (meaning “quiet and peaceful”), is the central commercial business district in Shanghai. Jing'an is filled with world-class shopping malls, fashionable boutiques, skyscraper office buildings, fine hotels and restaurants, exhibitions and upscale residential complexes.

Besides, it has an extremely vibrant nightlife scene. Our school is only 10 minute's walk away from popular bar street Tongren Road with a plethora of stores, supermarkets, theaters, Chinese and foreign restaurants (Italian, French, Spanish, American, Japanese, Korean, Thai...), cafes and cinemas in the vicinity.

Thanks to the numerous means of public transport serving the area, it is possible to reach the most famous and important places in Shanghai, such as the Bund, People's Square, Yuyuan, and Xintiandi in just a few minutes.

Our Chinese Language School in Shanghai
Lane 872 Kangding Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 21 62550715
E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com

At our school, students from all over the world meet and exchange experiences. We are a Chinese language school where quality teaching and a wide variety of Chinese courses come together in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, where each student finds a personalized welcome and attention. This warm reception helps our students feel at home right from the start and ensures that they receive the assistance needed to make their stay in Shanghai pleasant, safe and interesting.

Our Facilities

-3-floor building
-Student lounge
-Study/reading room
-Kitchen/dining corner
-Computers with free Internet access
-Free Wi-Fi in the entire building
-Spacious classrooms with large windows and dedicated facilities
-Courtyard and balcony
-Facing one of the largest green spaces in central Shanghai

General Information

Corporate Training

We organize effective and high-quality corporate training solutions for Industry and Commerce which will equip them to operate successfully in the thriving Chinese market.

Chinese Programs in Shanghai

An exciting range of programs is offered in our Shanghai School, at all levels from absolute beginners to advanced all year round.

General Chinese (Intensive) (15yrs+)
Integrated Chinese course to develop communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. All levels. 17 start dates throughout the year for total beginners while non-beginners and individual courses start every Monday!
Business Chinese (15yrs+)
Geared towards students and business professionals who want to explore particular business-related topics in Mandarin. All levels. 17 start dates throughout the year for total beginners while non-beginners and individual courses start every Monday!
HSK Preparation (15yrs+)
Prepare you to pass the HSK exam at any of its 9 levels. Start every Monday!
Semester & Year (15+yrs)
The most complete Chinese training, enabling you to fully prepare for your academic or professional career. 16 weeks per semester, spring and fall.
Study-Internship (18-30yrs)
Combining intensive Mandarin Chinese language learning with a customized internship placement in your industry of interest in Shanghai
Flexible start dates and duration, year-round.
Internship Placement (18-30yrs)
Customized internship program in your preferred field.
Flexible start dates and duration, year-round.

Programs for Youth in Shanghai
Teen Summer Camp (7-20yrs) from June to August every year.
Fully integrating language learning with leisure activities and travel!

Private Tutoring in Shanghai
No age limit. Anywhere, anytime. Fast progress, results guaranteed.

For international students in Shanghai, We offer various quality housing options with easy access to school for the duration of the course.

 Destinations   Shanghai School   Beijing School   Prices & Dates
Contact Details
MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
Tel +86 21 62550715
Fax +86 21 62883988
E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com
  Prices & Dates

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