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China Summer Camp Essentials | Activities
After morning language classes let out for the day, the afternoons are packed with a variety of activities, all designed to be both age-appropriate and fun! We divide the summer camp afternoon activity program into four categories: city exploration, cultural workshops, sports, and recreation. By participating in so many different types of activities, students never stop having fun!

City Exploration

Shanghai is a massive and exciting city dotted with tons of interesting places. It is truly a fascinating mix of East and West. Our camp includes site visits to many of the most popular attractions of the city such as the Bund, Yuyuan Bazaar, and Riverside Promenade as well as those places off the beaten path and less known to tourists like Hongkou historical quarter, Chedun Film & TV shooting Base, Jade Buddha Temple, etc. First-time travelers to Shanghai or China will definitely be enthralled.

Even kids that live with their parents in Shanghai will have a totally new perspective of Shanghai as they have been living with an expatriate community all along, not really in a localized Chinese environment. We offer the chance for students to look beyond the cosmopolitan front of Shanghai and find the well-preserved Chinese traditions, and culture and have a sense of real local life around every corner.

If you choose Beijing as your camp destination, you will never be bored, either. There are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone. Spending time here is to be on a permanent journey of discovery; you will be surrounded by China's amazing, dramatic history, whether it's the Forbidden City or the Great Wall, sublime temples, and enchanting hutong (ancient alleyways). You will feel you are standing at the crossroads of time.

Cultural Workshops

Cultural workshops are an integral part of our Chinese immersion program. We include an array of cultural workshops such as Chinese calligraphy, water-ink painting, folk art, Chinese cuisine, and more. With these workshops, students will explore and learn the basics of various Chinese values and traditions. At the same time, one of the principal goals is to instill in our students a lifelong philosophy of respect and appreciation towards another culture.


Even though we are a camp focusing on language learning and cultural exploration, we understand the importance of physical exercise for young people. Therefore, we arrange sports activities that are both age-appropriate and fun, for example, Ping Pong, badminton, Kung fu, skating, etc.


We keep in mind at all times that its summer vacation for the students. Recreation is a good way to balance a relatively intensive learning-focused camp like ours. In our summer camp, we arrange movies, performances, and shopping to keep students motivated to the fullest. In the past, we have even awarded hard-working students a pleasant evening in Sonic Arcade!

Our activity program is organized to take place during weekday afternoons, following the morning language courses and lunch. Day camp students will go home after the afternoon activity ends. The weekend excursions are introduced on the Tours page.

 Mandarin Course    Activities   Tours   Accommodation 
 Food   Itinerary   Typical Day   Credits
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