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China Summer Camp | Family Camp
Full Residential Camp in central Shanghai & Beijing

Looking for a family summer camp in China? Our customized family camp in Shanghai and Beijing is perfect for your entire family to explore all that China has to offer.

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Family Camp (kids over 7rs)

For youngsters travelling with parents, we offer customized family camp that offer family accommodation and give parents the option to take Chinese course, activities and weekend excursions, etc. Suitable for family travelling together that need special arrangement. Final price will vary from above quote according to customization.

Suitable for family travelling together that need special arrangement.

Locations: Shanghai and Beijing
Level: all levels from total beginner to advanced
Age Group: kids -11, 12-14, 15-20yrs
Duration: 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks
Start Date: 06/15, 06/29, 07/06, 07/20, 08/03

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Special arrangement for students and families travelling with kids can be made upon request. The arrangements may include special arrival, departure date, special accommodation arrangement, special lesson arrangement for kids and adults, etc. The fee changes accordingly and is confirmed via email communication. Contact us at for this type of arrangement.

MandarinRocks has been hosting summer camps every year since 2005 for young students coming from all over the world! We eagerly anticipate your visit this summer and look forward to bringing you the unique experience for a lifetime!

China Summer Camp

Main Program Components

Airport Transfers, Welcoming, Study, Housing, Activities, Excursions. Support. We take care of all details and you will have memorable experience in China this summer!

-Mandarin Course
The Mandarin Chinese course is the most important component of our summer camp. There are 20 lessons every week, with 4 lessons every day, Monday through Friday. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length. The maximum size of each class is limited to 10 (average 3-6) to ensure every student gets full attention from teacher and has ample time for practice. Evaluation test will be given on first day to place students into appropriate class. The course is available at all 7 levels from total beginners to advanced to make sure students are placed exactly where they should be. The carefully designed curriculum emphasizes conversation and communication, so that students may take full advantage of their surroundings and apply what they’re learning by speaking with friends during the rest of the day. The summer camp faculty is experienced in teaching young people of various ages and implements a wide array of techniques and activities that speak to every age group and learning type. More details

After morning language classes let out for the day, the afternoons are packed with a variety of activities, all designed be both age-appropriate and fun! We divide the summer camp afternoon activity program into four categories: city exploration, cultural workshops, sports and recreation. By participating in so many different types of activities, students never stop having fun! More details

Every weekend students will have the opportunity to explore a different city or an interesting attraction near Shanghai. These trips introduce students to the great diversity of Chinese culture and geography. This year, the travel destinations include two former capitals in Chinese history, Hangzhou and Suzhou, the famous ancient water towns Qibao, Zhujiajiao, the largest and best amusement park in China Songjiang Happy Valley and a unique "Agritainment" tour in Chongming island, the Great Wall etc. More details

Students can choose to stay with full campers, host families or their familes during evenings and weekends. We have paid special attention to our homestay accommodation, so families and homes that we have inspected and selected share some common important features:
- located in nice neighborhood and have convenient public transportation.
- provides a private room fully furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe and air-conditioning.
-has all the convenient living facilities, clean and comfortable and enable the student to study quietly.
-friendly and helpful to give the students plenty of opportunity to practice their Chinese.
-easily reach the school by public transportation.
More details

-Accompanying Parent
Possible to take 20 group Chinese language lessons every week with adult learners (or 10 hours private tutoring if no available level is applicable), join daily lunch, weekday activities together with kid(s). Accommodation is not included but can be arranged at extra, components can be customized, resulting in change of price.

China Summer Camp

Book Now!

1 Fill in booking form online
2 We will contact you via e-mail or by phone in 2 working days
3 Pay deposit 500USD/450EUR within 7 days to confirm booking
4 Pay full payment prior to booking/payment deadline
5 Advice and information will be provided prior to your departure
6 Start summer camp experience!

Booking deadline to this program is 4 weeks before your chosen start date. Later bookings might be possible but only accepted on case to case basis. Prospective students are encouraged to book as early as possible to secure a spot.

 Full Camp   Day Camp   Family Camp   Prices & Dates   FAQ
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