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China Summer Camp Essentials | Accommodation
Full camp students will homestay with Chinese families or live in safe, clean shared student apartments.

Accommodation is generally arranged based on gender and age. Two students of the same gender and close in age stay in one standard room with shared bathroom facilities. There are desks and chairs in the room and its also equipped with TV, broadband internet access and air conditioning. Our camp counselor stays with the junior students (7-15) during evenings and weekends throughout the whole program to take care of every personal need or concern that each student may have.

Single rooms or special accommodation could also be arranged for students or families upon request at a corresponding fee.

We have paid special attention to our homestay accommodation, so families and homes that we have inspected and selected share some common important features:

- located in a nice neighborhood and has convenient public transportation.
- provides a private room fully furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe, and air-conditioning.
-has all the convenient living facilities, clean and comfortable and enables the student to study quietly.
-friendly and helpful to give the students plenty of opportunity to practice their Chinese.
-easily reach the school by public transportation.

All meals are included in the full camp option.

 Mandarin Course    Activities   Tours   Accommodation 
 Food   Itinerary   Typical Day   Credits
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