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China Summer Camp | Why MandarinRocks
MandarinRocks has been successfully hosting China Summer Camp every year since 2005 for young students coming from all over the world! The China Summer camp program allows international youth to make friends their age from other countries, enhance Chinese language skills, acquire a profound understanding of the Chinese culture and lifestyle, and increase their awareness of a variety of world cultures. The past summer camps proved to be consecutive success with returning students every year!

Our summer camp program provides a genuine Chinese immersion atmosphere that guarantees quick learning success. It makes Chinese learning easier and quicker, with better results, more inspirational and incredibly fun! It gives you access to a wide array of resources that cannot be found in a traditional classroom. You will take an active part in the everyday life of the country, close to the people, immersing yourself in their culture. You’ll live the life of the Chinese and learn Chinese the most natural way. Speaking, reading, and listening to native speakers every day, you will rapidly acquire a basic knowledge of Chinese or improve and perfect the knowledge you already have. Additionally, you will participate in a plethora of activities, such as city exploration, cultural workshops, sports, recreation and trips. As our programs accept students worldwide, you will make lifelong friends from other countries, gain greater awareness of global matters, acquire skills for personal growth like improved self-confidence, and have a new perspective on yourself!

Top Reasons to Choose MandarinRocks China Summer Camp
- Over 15 years of expertise as a top Chinese language school
- Internationally Accredited by: NASFA, WYSE, FIYTO/ISTC, IPSA
- Quality Seal & Excellence Award by Languagecourse.Net
- Centrally located campus in Shanghai & Beijing metropolitan areas
- Diverse cultural environment with students of a mix of nationalities
- All levels from beginner to advanced
- 5 start dates from June to August, 2-6 weeks flexible schedule
- Full Camp, Family Camp, Day Camp available
- Proven methodology-guaranteed fast learning success
- Safe, convenient and quality accommodation
- Full program of cultural activities, sports and trips
- 24/7 bilingual counselors and on-site program director

We are commited to
1 Continually revising and updating our courses and materials
2 Carefully screening teaching progress and performance
3 Ensuring the safety and comfort of all accommodation
4 Meticulously planning each activity and event
5 Always being available when students need information and assistance
6 Giving every student an incredible summer experience in China

 Overview   Why Us   Our Team   To Parents
Contact Details
MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
Tel +86 21 62550715
Fax +86 21 62883988
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