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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
1 What are the nationalities of the students you enroll in your programs?
USA 23%, France 12%, Germany 9%, Spain 8%, UK 7%, Canada 6%, Holland 5%, Italy 4%, Australia 3%, Russia 3%, Japan 3%, Korea 2%, Mexico 2%, all others 13%

2 What is the age breakup of the students?
<15 10%
16~20 17%
21~25 31%
26~35 25%
36~50 13%
Older 4%

3 How does MandarinRocks ensure the course is right for me?
The Chinese courses at MandarinRocks are offered at all levels from total beginners to advanced. We ask students to grade themselves on 0-9 scale module and provide past learning experience info for our reference. We will further evaluate students on arrival or first day in the form of writing or interview in order to place them into the appropriate class. In case there is no suitable group course starting on your arrival if you sign up for group course, we will convert it into individual course (lesson length will be shortened to 25 min.

4 How many students in a class?
The maximum size of each class is limited to 8 (average 3-5) to ensure every student gets full attention from teacher and has ample time for practice. Class size is generally bigger in summer and smaller in rest of the year.

5 How do I change my schedule and pace for private tutoring?
If you want to cancel or reschedule whole week’s (or more) lessons, inform us one week in advance. If you want to cancel or reschedule next day’s lesson, inform us one day in advance (before 17:00) Rescheduling & Making up for the missed lessons are not guaranteed when we are given too short a notice, however, MandarinRocks will take best efforts to ensure the consistency and quality of lessons despite students’ frequent change of time.

6 Do you have special course or program in summer?
Yes, students can attend summer program (7-20) or intensive language program (15+) in summer. There are two beginner start dates in each month in June, July and August. Adult Mandarin programs are arranged all year round.

7 What are the accommodation options?
MandarinRocks offers various quality housing options with easy access to school for the duration of course. The basic options are Private Studio and Single Room in Shared Apartment. They are carefully selected apartments located downtown close to school with easy access to public transportation. Homestay, serviced apartment, hotel, hostel can also be arranged upon request.

8 What is included in your accommodation and what else should I bring to China?
We provide:
- air-conditioner, TV, bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, bed linen, blanket
- fridge, microwave, stove, pans and cutlery
- Washing machine, access to laundry service nearby
- Free Broadband Internet access
- Water, gas, electricity
- Room cleaning service once a week
You need to prepare shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, slippers, daily drink water, etc. Convenience shops and supermarkets are everywhere, you can purchase them when you have arrived in China.

9 I have never been to China or learnt any Chinese before. Are there any suggestions for participants like me?
Many of our students are just learning Chinese and traveling to China for the first time. We can arrange everything from airport pick-up, housing, optional excursions to even internship and volunteer placement so you don't have to worry about the details. Advice and information will be provided prior to your departure and throughout the program. The warm reception from the teachers and staff will help you feel at home right from the start and ensures that you receive the assistance needed to make your stay in Shanghai pleasant, safe and interesting.

10 What languages are spoken?
Mandarin and English are spoken by school staff. Some of our teachers conversant in other foreign languages like French, German, Japanese etc. English is not widely spoken on streets in Shanghai or Beijing, so speak as much Chinese as possible!

11 Do I need travelers insurance?
We want you to bring home good memories, but no matter how hard one tries, there might be some things people just canít plan for. Itís must that campers possess valid medical and travel insurance throughout the program.

12 Is the Internet connection available in your apartments or school?
Internet access is everywhere in the city. In school, there are computers you may use for checking news, emails free of charge. There is free wireless connection in the entire building too. In student apartments, there is cable or wireless internet. Students who bring their own computers can connect to the Internet conveniently after a simple setup. There are public internet cafťs available as well around school.

13 What can I do in my free time?
Shanghai offers a broad range of events throughout the year to satisfy the tastes of all age groups. It has numerous museums, temples, galleries, theaters, cinemas and exhibitions. There are frequent concerts of all types of music - opera, classical, jazz, rock, etc. Formula 1 Grand Prix, Tennis Masters Cup, Motor GP and other international sports events are held in Shanghai yearly. These make it possible for you to enjoy the city and its events while learning Chinese.
A visit to Shanghai is also the ideal opportunity to explore all that China has to offer as it is easy and convenient to go anywhere like Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong from Shanghai.
We also organize cultural activities to integrate language learning with culture exploration. You could check Activities page for details.

14 How and where do I apply for a visa?
No specific visa type is required by Chinese government to study Chinese at a language school or attend summer camp. As a general practice guideline, students are suggested to apply for L (tourist) visa in your local Chinese embassy or consulate and itís the most convenient. Student enrolled in semester & Year Chinese program are elligible for X2 student visa. Students enrolled in internship programs are elligible for F business visa.

15 How do I enroll in your programs?
1. Book online or print and send PDF booking form to info@MandarinRocks.com
2. We will contact you via e-mail or by phone in 2 working days
3. Pay deposit within 7 days to confirm booking
4. Pay full payment prior to booking/payment deadline
5. Advice and information will be provided prior to your departure
6. Succeed! Start joyful learning experience!

16 When and how do I pay?
A deposit of 500USD/450EUR for each student and each accompanying parent, deductable from the total (NON REFUNDABLE), must be paid within 7 days after your submit booking (you will receive an invoice from us). This deposit is not an additional cost. Depending on which program you are enrlloed, the balance must be paid 1-2 months before your arrival. Students currently in Shanghai or Beijing can pay by credit card or cash in person at school. Students from other cities or abroad can only pay by bank transfer. Bank details are contained in the invoice we issue to you.

17 It's passed application deadline, can I still enroll in your program?
Late applicants are accepted on case to case basis. You can make inquiry to check availability with us.

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