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Agents and Jobs with Shanghai Mandarin School

Interested in becoming a MandarinRocks agent?
MandarinRocks is always looking for qualified International Language Agents to represent our programs. Join our network of quality agents and offer language programs from MandarinRocks! By becoming our agent, you can grow your business while helping students in your country to learn Chinese in an exciting and diverse environment.

If you are interested, you can contact us by
Tel: +86 21 62550715
E-mail: hr@mandarinrocks.com.

Once we have affirmed your qualifications, we will contact you to confirm a commission rate on the program and will send you the MandarinRocks Agency Agreement.
The Agency Agreement should be signed and sent back to us by e-mail hr@mandarinrocks.com or by fax. After the signed agreement is sent back to us, we will provide you with a Certificate of Representation and marketing materials to promote MandarinRocks to your prospective students. Please note that cooperation starts only after the Agency Agreement has been signed and returned to us.

If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Job openings in Shanghai
MandarinRocks provides exciting employment opportunities in the center of Shanghai. Our team truly believes that diversity leads to strength and we invite you to join the leader in Chinese language education!

Note: For consideration, email cover letter with salary requirements and resume to: hr@mandarinrocks.com. Only qualified candidates will be considered. No phone calls or agency inquiries.

Course Consultant
Key Responsibilities:
- Responsible for sales and promotions of Chinese courses with profound understanding of products with professional consulting skills.
- Liaise with customers to understand their requirements. Draft learning proposal; Generate and follow up potentials to fulfill the sales target.
- Ensure the implementation of product quality control
- Make teaching arrangements
- Responsible for customer related issues, ensure the high quality of customer service.
- Administrative work and other task from supervisor

Job Requirements:
- Able to develop and manage professional relations with executives and expatriates.
- Sound understanding of consulting, sales experiences is preferred.
- Strong ability to lead, plan, execute, coordinate and self-management under work pressure.
- Excellent command of English and outstanding presentation skills.
- Teamwork spirit and excellent communication skills.

1 本科及本科学历以上
2 普通话标准,表达流利
3 英语或日语流利,在此基础上掌握其他外语如德语,法语,西班牙语,韩语者更佳
4 英语专业,对外汉语专业,中文专业,相关语言专业优先,其他文科专业
5 自信,开朗,思维清晰,耐心,有亲和力,理解表达能力与应变能力强
6 富有责任心,具有团队精神
7 有对外汉语教学经验者优先 (如果缺乏,必须以上几点突出)
8 有书画、武术、诗词等民间艺术特长者优先

1 负责暑期外籍青少年夏令营中文课程教学及/或日常食宿,起居,交通,活动安排
2 平均负责6-10名学员(年龄12至15岁)
3 工作期间须与学员同吃同住同活动,中途不得离岗(住宿为市中心学校宾馆)

1 已工作人士,在校研究生,高年级本科在读生(大三及以上)
2 普通话标准,表达流利
3 英语流利,在此基础上掌握其他外语如德语,法语,西班牙语,日语,韩语者更佳
4 自信,开朗,思维清晰,耐心,有亲和力,理解表达能力与应变能力强
5 富有高度责任心
6 熟悉上海
7 最短兼职两周(6月22日至8月03日),时间长者优先
8 工作期间每周至少5个全天留宿营地(吃住行全包)
9 应聘教师须必须有对外汉语教学经验(不包括家教和私教),助理不限,符合以上条件优先
10 有书画,武术,诗词等民间艺术特长者与有相关青少年活动工作经验者有先优先

1 已工作人士, 在校研究生, 已录取研究生院的大四本科生
2 普通话标准,表达流利
3 英语或日语流利,在此基础上掌握其他外语如德语,法语,西班牙语,韩语者更佳
4 英语专业,对外汉语专业,中文专业,相关语言专业优先,其他文科专业
5 自信,开朗,思维清晰,耐心,有亲和力,理解表达能力与应变能力强
6 富有责任心,具有团队精神
7 有对外汉语教学经验者优先 (如果缺乏,必须以上几点突出)
8 有书画、武术、诗词等民间艺术特长者优先

Contact Details
MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
Tel +86 21 62550715
Fax +86 21 62883988
E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com
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