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Mandarin Tutors & Free Language Exchange in Shanghai
Finding Mandarin Tutor and Language Partner in Shanghai

Engaging private tutoring gives you complete control over what you learn and how you learn it. Almost all Chinese language schools can arrange private tutoring on request. Though private tutors are easy to find on your own, it is still advised to book lessons with a language school for private tutoring even if it means paying a bit more. There are lots of Chinese people willing to teach foreigners Chinese with the aim of earning extra money, improving English or just for the experience of it, only a tiny percentage of them are really able to teach at all. Its especially risky for a total beginner to start learning the language with a private teacher. Being a total beginner means you know nothing about the language and have no idea if the teacher is teaching the right thing. If you meet an unqualified teacher or adopt the wrong learning method, you will just waste time. There are plenty of cases that people choose private tutors found on internet over language schools and give up completely before long, frustrated with the language. Dont forget, Chinese is commonly rated as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Teaching it requires a lot of experience and expertise. Teachers working in language schools are generally well trained with much more experience and constantly supervised. While youll definitely find that its cheaper to study with a private tutor, you get way more assurance and results for just a little more bucks with a school.

If you are determined to find a private tutor on your own, look for local classified ads or by just asking around if youre already in town. Stay away from those who are just showing interest in teaching the language and those offer unreasonably low price. When selecting the tutor, always ask for references so that you know at least someone has successfully learnt the language with him/her and you are not the first experiment.

If you already have some basics in Chinese, you can save your money and work out a language exchange arrangement. There is no shortage of Chinese in bigger cities like Shanghai looking for this, but be careful, many people are just keen on practicing English and wont care if you can improve Chinese or not. If possible, ask your school or teacher to contact one for you.

Our Chinese language school MandarinRocks boasts the largest private tutoring instructors team in Shanghai and has been delivering top quality tailor made Mandarin training courses since 2001. With high quality and competitive rates, we are the 1st choice of hundreds of students, professionals, companies every year. Check out our Private Tutoring Program to discover more on this option!
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