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Guide to Winter Camps in Shanghai 2016
Ultimate Guide to winter camps in Shanghai in 2016

For parents staying in Shanghai this Christmas, it's time to reward yourself with some free time by sending your kids on a productive and engaging Christmas camp! To save you some time, we've curated a list of the best camps in Shanghai this winter.

Bodylab Wellness

Feel the holiday spirit by immersing into a creative activity. Bodylab Wellness is concerned with your child's art education and is offering two 7 day programs for ages 6-12 during this holiday season. The 1st program (1-3pm) revolves around musical theatre and teaches kids the art of acting and basics of theatre. The 2nd program (3-5pm) is about fashion week, which involves self confidence through modelling and photo shoots. Spaces are limited and you can register by calling 021-5058-0559.

- 2 hour sessions from Jan. 16-22 // Musical Theatre: 1-3pm; Fashion Week: 3-5pm
- For one program 3300; two programs 5600 // Members' price - one program 2800; two programs 4800
- 1550 Zhangyang Road
- 021-5058-0559 // info@bodylab.asia


ICONX is offering a skateboarding camp that focuses on skill-building, competition, leadership, and character development. The program organizes five 1-week camps and two 3-day camps for middle school-aged students, each running from Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm. As a plus, food is provided by Sproutworks. You can register by emailing info@iconx.com. 15% discount if you sign up in advance before Dec. 13!

- Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm
- From 1800
- 1594 Longwu Road
- 180-1706-3650 // info@iconx.com

Code Academy 123

In the era of technology, coding is becoming more and more accessible and important. Code Academy 123 is offering various coding camps on Python, Scratch, and Robotics with options for Chinese instructed programs too. Learn more about the programs and register by visiting their website or emailing info@codeacademy123.com. Sign up before January 15 2017 and you'll receive a 5% discount!

- 2 hour classes throughout Jan. and Feb.
- Robotics 2840; Python 2300 // 5% discount if sign up before Jan. 15 2017
- 3/F, Hengshan Road
- info@codeacademy123.com


Sportsworld is offering sports camp throughout this holiday season! Available for children from ages 4-12, they will be able to get a sense of different variety of sports, such as swimming, tennis, karate, basketball, and football. You can register by calling them at 400-005-0806.

- Dec. 19 - 23, Dec. 26 - 30, 9am - 3pm
- From 650
- 168 Shunchang Road; 1388 Huamu Road
- 400-005-0806


Since fashion design courses are generally not offered at school, iShine is providing a fashion design oriented camp. Kids will learn how to design and showcase their own clothes on their own runway show. These five day camps are run in Chinese, but the experienced coaches are bilingual. You can register by calling them at 180-1935-8397

- 9.30am - 4pm, 5 day camps from Dec. 27-31 // 2017 Jan. 21-25, Feb. 6-10
- 3999
- 350 Xianxia Road
- 180-1935-8397


Finally, Our school Mandarinrocks is offering Chinese language camp in Shanghai this winter. It's an ideal balance between Mandarin study, leisure and travel and is aiming participants of all nationalities between 7 and 20 with quest for Chinese language & culture. Youngsters will have the chance to get a deep insight into Chinese culture and improve Chinese rapidly. You can register online.

- 2 to 4 weeks option from Dec 05 and Dec 19
- Day camp from 8800; Full camp from 16800
- Jing'an School
- info@mandarinrocks.com

Want to take join summer camp in Shanghai? Check out our Summer Camp to discover all the options we offer!
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