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Marketing Internships in Shanghai | China
BEST AFFORDABLE Marketing Internship Placement & Programs in Shanghai

MandarinRocks Study-Internship program and Shanghai Internship Placement program in Shanghai provide students and young professionals worldwide with guaranteed internship placement in marketing internships in Shanghai, China. Before you begin the placement process, you must first apply and be accepted to one of the programs to begin. Once accepted, we will help you determine best internship opportunities that are commensurate with your qualifications, background, experience, interests and goals and then secure the internship placement from within our network of marketing companies in Shanghai. We guarantee internship placement or your money back, as we have successfully placed over 98% of our enrolled participants since 2006.

A marketing internship supports the company activities relate to determining market demand and converting the customers buying power into an effective demand for a service and bringing that service to the customer. Marketing internships in Shanghai offer experience in internet, non-tradition, viral, and corporate marketing. In addition, the internship in Shanghai enables you to gain insights of Chinese business and society.

Choice 1: Study-Internship (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Combining intensive Mandarin Chinese language learning with custom internship placement in your industry of interest.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Choice 2: Internship Placement (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Customized internship program in your preferred field. No course.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Destination: Shanghai
Shanghai China
Shanghai is on the fast track to becoming the cultural and economic center of Asia again, like it was a century ago. Currently the economic hotspot in China, Shanghai leads all Chinese cities in economic performance, foreign trade growth and infrastructural development. As of today, more than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies have invested in Shanghai. With the opening up of more sectors to foreign business, more and more foreign funds are flowing into the city. If you plan to do an internship in China, there is no better choice than Shanghai.

Custom Internship Placement
Shanghai Internship
Started out on providing internship opportunities to our school students, MandarinRocks has over 10 years of experience securing internship placement for hundreds of students and young professionals and is among the most realizable internship placement providers in China.

Some Recent Marketing Internship Examples in Shanghai
Shanghai Marketing Intern
The marketing intern will help to develop and build our pipeline of new prospects in key US and European markets. This includes developing a database of prospects and helping to create/execute campaigns to reach these individuals. He/she will also be charged with developing new and innovative ways to interact with our prospective clients. The ideal candidate will have completed coursework in marketing or finance and possess a passion for marketing and...
Shanghai Marketing Internship
Shanghai's highest quality local magazine, reporting all aspects of the city's culture and entertainment scene. We are an international brand, with magazines and websites in over 30 cities worldwide. We are looking for a marketing & event intern to be our brand ambassador to both consumer and within the industry and to reinforce our magazine as the best English language magazine in Shanghai through events and marketing initiatives...
Shanghai Marketing Company Internship
Company Internship Program: We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to enhancing our company environment. We seek students who are organized, mature, and have a great sense of humor. You must have a positive attitude, desire to learn, and willingness to be flexible. This is a fun, relaxed place to work with a lot of creative energy and a good mix of hard work. You will see how our company functions from behind the scenes, and play a large role in...
Shanghai Marketing & PR intern
The Marketing & PR intern will reorganize and enhance the marketing and PR for the company. The companyĺs marketing materials need to be updated and aligned, PR and marketing channels need to be identified, qualified and finally a proper PR and marketing plan need to be drafted and implemented. Besides, you will support the international sales team.
Shanghai Marketing Internship
We are a start-up company, aiming at helping consumers find the beauty products that really work for them. A similar model in the US is called Birchbox (www.birchbox.com). 6 months since our establishment, we have worked with more than 25 beauty brands and attract over 20,000 consumers. Our intern project: Support our consumer acquisition team to develop marketing plan and execute online and offline campaign to build awareness and gain potential consumers...
Shanghai Marketing Intern
Marketing Intern - Responsibilities, Assists with daily operations, ensuring smooth and efficient workflow. Hands-on involvement in a variety of marketing logistics, including event production and coordination. Responsible for managing inventory of in-house premiums and program supplies. Track and organize program materials and documentation. Other duties as required.
Shanghai International Marketing Intern
A professional ice making machines designer and manufacturer, such as: flake ice machine, cube ice machine, and block ice machine.This internship provides a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in upgrading their international marketing skills by the hands-on practice. The major responsibilities for the successful candidates are to:1. coordinate and carry out business, industry and market analysis and survey; 2. structure and develop the company domestic and international market...
Shanghai Online Marketing Internship
Online Marketing internship: All successful interns will have the opportunity to receive a full-time job offer and opportunity after showing continuous strong performance. We are seeking foreign candidates to assist in expanding our market presence in foreign countries. The marketing department is growing rapidly and we are looking for a strong candidate interested in gaining comprehensive online marketing experience and working in a fast-paced environment. In this role, you will assist us in improving and further developing successful online campaigns for our foreign language website.


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