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Internships Testimonials
Recent Testimonials from Students Took MandarinRocks Internship Programs in Shanghai | China in the Previous Years

Douglas C (Canada)
Douglas is the student of Toronto University, Canada (22yrs)
Program taken: 8 week summer internship, Junl 25- Aug 17, 2012

"I would say the Shanghai summer internship is quite possibly the single event from my college career that has had the greatest impact on my life. While college courses teach you what you need to know to survive in the business world, the internship in Shanghai makes it real. This internship allows you to actually apply all of the management, marketing, finance courses provided by university. It additionally allows you to experience the Chinese culture from a 'non-touristy' perspective and enables you to forge international friendships and networks that will last a lifetime. I can guarantee that few other internships will allow you the experience of having a personal dinner and conversation with the president of a multi-million dollar company, and insight into every detail in the supply chain of an international firm. Not to mention more interesting food than you have ever laid eyes on, the excursions... Without a doubt, the experience changed my life forever!".

Matthew D (Ireland)
Marie is the student of Colorado University, USA(20yrs)
Program taken: 8 week summer internship, Junl 25- Aug 17, 2012

¡°You haven't really experienced what international business is like until you have been in Shanghai's busy business district on a Monday morning, gotten lost in the subway network, eaten food you didn't think was edible, and experienced how small business gestures can make the difference between failure and success in business interactions - and the Mandarinrocks internship program let me experience all of these things, and more.¡±

Thomas V (Germany)
Thomas is the student of Heidelberg Univerisity, Germany (23ys)
Program taken: Study-Internship, Aug 08- Nov 25, 2011

"Hello! I am Thomas, one of the former ¡°MandarinRocks Study-Internship¡± students. I have recently finished my internship in Shanghai and I truly want to confide my impressions and experiences to all of you. So, where should I start? :) Let¡¯s begin with a professional part. Since I was a small child, I have always been very interested in Asian culture. Last year I found an opportunity to participate in students¡¯ exchange program in South Korea and after that ¨C internship program in China. I have decided to apply through Mandainrocks, because this organization looked trustworthy, response to my email was almost immediate and I was sure this internship would strongly enrich my future studies and help me in my prospective career choice. Also, I considered this internship as a great opportunity to get in touch with Chinese culture, traditions, people, and at the same time ¨C get a professional work experience. I took an 8 week Mandarin course at the school first. Before I went to China, I was at the elementary level (studying for 2 months on line). The mandarin course progress really well and I learnt a lot. Instead of just plowing through the two books, the teachers forced us to speak a lot. This made me a lot more comfortable with my ability to actually carry on a conversation, albeit one with a lot of grammar mistakes at first. My internship placement lasted for 8 weeks in a boutique interior design services company. The individual assignment of the placement was getting to know their services, analyzing the processes inside and outside the company and deliberating the possibilities to expand. During the whole internship period besides the activities within a company related with marketing and accounting I was also writing an internship report which included information about the company, its organizational structure, internal / external analysis, current situation, perspectives and econometric analysis about how to allocate the expenses in order to achieve the maximum profit. I didn¡¯t learn something completely new in my professional field, but I improved skills and most importantly ¨C a way of thinking. Furthermore, living in a multicultural environment, mostly surrounded by local Chinese gave me a heavily narrated life experience and was full of challenges. I was given a chance to become totally involved in the community I have lived in: my housemates were only Chinese people, I was working in an office were all the employees except me and the other intern were Chinese, I was eating Chinese food in local street restaurants all the time, I was driving a scooter, although from the first moment I learnt that none of the ¡°normal¡± traffic regulations are working here¡­ And believe me ¨C it was much more I could have asked for! I not only learnt about new and rich culture, traditions, people, their relations, but my palate of experiences, thoughts, emotions, possibilities expanded too. Moreover, I had free weekends which I mostly spent for travelling and exploring Shanghai and China. These 4 months were like a wonderful dream for me! Although I experienced many differences among the cultures, food, lifestyles, I successfully dealt with most of them. I learnt a lot. I became stronger, braver and more self-confident than before. And all of my new friends, impressions, unforgettable memories are priceless¡­I will never ever forget them, because it¡¯s just impossible!"

Daniela B (Italy)
Program taken: Study-Internship, Apr 04-May 27, 2011

" It was not easy at first coz it was difficult to adjust to the new surroundings and new cultures (I had never been to China or any Asian countries before) But this program helped me grow professionally in the way that it granted me the chance to work in a well-known company back home. The working environment was pretty good, fun and pleasant. Chinese colleagues working there are nice. They have been so helpful. I felt loved, warmth, and friendship which is the experience that I cherished the most. It was amazing! Meet and gain new friends. Learn new culture. Appreciate other culture. My experience was fantastic, awesome, and brilliant. One of the best experiences I¡¯ve ever had! It was a Great experience, Great program!" "

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