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Advertising Internships in Shanghai | China
BEST AFFORDABLE Advertising Internship Placement & Programs in Shanghai

MandarinRocks Study-Internship program and Shanghai Internship Placement program in Shanghai provide students and young professionals worldwide with guaranteed internship placement in advertising internships in Shanghai, China. Before you begin the placement process, you must first apply and be accepted to one of the programs to begin. Once accepted, we will help you determine best internship opportunities that are commensurate with your qualifications, background, experience, interests and goals and then secure the internship placement from within our network of advertising firms in Shanghai. We guarantee internship placement or your money back, as we have successfully placed over 98% of our enrolled participants since 2006.

Advertising internships in Shanghai will provide interns with exposure to day-to-day activities which include being involved in making creative decisions regarding advertising campaigns, supporting client planning, giving presentations, developing media kits, managing media costs, performing client analysis, and gaining real-world experience in advertising procedures. In addition, the internship in Shanghai enables you to gain insights of Chinese business and society.

Choice 1: Study-Internship (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Combining intensive Mandarin Chinese language learning with custom internship placement in your industry of interest.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Choice 2: Internship Placement (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Customized internship program in your preferred field. No course.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Destination: Shanghai
Shanghai China
Shanghai is on the fast track to becoming the cultural and economic center of Asia again, like it was a century ago. Currently the economic hotspot in China, Shanghai leads all Chinese cities in economic performance, foreign trade growth and infrastructural development. As of today, more than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies have invested in Shanghai. With the opening up of more sectors to foreign business, more and more foreign funds are flowing into the city. If you plan to do an internship in China, there is no better choice than Shanghai.

Custom Internship Placement
Shanghai Internship
Started out on providing internship opportunities to our school students, MandarinRocks has over 10 years of experience securing internship placement for hundreds of students and young professionals and is among the most realizable internship placement providers in China.

Some Recent Advertising Internship Examples in Shanghai
Shanghai Advertising Agency Internship
Our company specializes in producing catalogue designs for companies requiring high-end photography and design - catalogue designs that require thought and care to produce. Our graphic design studio is directly linked to our photographic studio providing the perfect combination for image-intensive literature production especially multi-page catalogues and brochures. We serve companies around China and South East Asia, and...
Shanghai Advertising Agency Internship
Our company is a full service advertising agency in Shanghai specializing in travel and online platform. We have a position for an intern who will work with the media, account, production and creative departments. The intern will contact sales representatives, sit in on meetings, work on new business projects and general administrative tasks. Our department managers try to involve our interns in all aspects of adv...
Shanghai Advertising Intern
We are the Asia hub of a global network of WPP agencies handling the worldwide advertising for Ford. The digital designer is responsible for the visual design and concept layouts across various communications projects as part of the Ford APA creative offering. His/her creative output should consistently satisfy or exceed clientís and Digital CDís objectives and expectations..
Shanghai Advertising Intern
We are a full-service public relations firm that sustains original projects in the Chinese market. Their integrated services cover the main area of public visibility. 3rd Floor's cases include L'Oreal 100 YEAR Anniversary, Media Relations in China for Givenchy and Police, B...
Shanghai Advertising Agency Internship
With an impressive network of 45 offices in 34 countries, we are one of Shanghai's largest creative agencies. We provide strategic planning, brand stewardship, actionable advertising, relationship marketing, interactive marketing, shopper marketing, promotions, and events... Now we are looking for an intern with...

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