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Levels, Placement & Progress
Levels and Progress of Chinese Courses at MandarinRocks
At MandarinRocks, we offer Chinese courses at all levels from total beginners to advanced. We ask students to grade themselves on 0-9 scale module and provide past learning experience info for our reference. We will further evaluate students on arrival or first day in the form of writing or interview in order to place them into the appropriate class.

MandarinRocks organizes Mandarin courses into 7 different levels.

1 Total Beginner
For students who have not received any previous Chinese instruction
Linguistic Goal: to acquire basic vocabulary, structures and conduct simple conversation

2 Beginner
For students who have limited Chinese instruction
Linguistic Goal: to master basic Chinese characters and build up a range of vocabulary and structures that enable communications in most common daily situations

3 Elementary
For students who have some previous knowledge of basic Chinese structures.
Linguistic Goal: to increase your level of grammar and vocabulary and be able to express yourself functionally in various communicative contexts

4 Pre-intermediate
For students who have basics in Chinese characters and a command of around 1000-1500 words
Linguistic Goal: to master 1000 Chinese characters, 2000-2500 words and reach basic literacy in Chinese, build vocabulary and grammar to communicate in a variety of situations requiring more detailed expressions

5 Intermediate
For students who understand around 1000 Chinese characters and 2000-2500 words
Linguistic Goal: to master 3000-3500 words that enable discussions on a range of topic issues and talk about more abstract topics and to be able to read more formal texts such as in newspaper

6 Upper Intermediate
For students who already have a solid grasp of Mandarin and are able to communicate effectively
Linguistic Goal: To reach accuracy and fluency in a wide range of life and work situations both informally and formally and to be able to understand formal texts like newspaper, magazines, TV, radio

7 Advanced
For students with a high level of spoken and written Chinese
Linguistic Goal: to perfect all areas of linguistic proficiency in order to fully become bilingual. You will focus on refining your spoken and written skills while developing a global perspective of Chinese culture in relation to your particular field of interest.

Mandarin class

Our methodology is centered on a communicative approach, utilizing diverse techniques to cover the fundamentals of language learning: grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing & intercultural competence. For beginners, the teaching content will be conducted in Pinyin while for more advanced students, Chinese characters is an integral part of the learning content.

Students' progress is evaluated by teacher and evaluation tests as a criterion to move to the next level. Certificates can be obtained at the end of the language course.
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