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for Study-Internship
To enroll in Study-Internship program, you need to be aged between 18-30 (on arrival) and have finished or pursuing a university or college education. The application needs to be submitted at least 6 weeks before intended start date. Late applications might be possible but are accepted on a case-to-case basis and we suggest you contact us to check availability first.

Make sure you have read the Price & Schedule. The online application functions best in the Internet Explorer browser, if you prefer, you can print and send the PDF application form by email to info@MandarinRocks.com.

If you want to apply for the alternative Internship Placement (only internship without Chinese course), please print and send the PDF application form by email to info@MandarinRocks.com.
Program Data
Program you’d like to apply for*   Guide
4 weeks Chinese course+ 4-12 weeks internship
6 weeks Chinese course+ 4-12 weeks internship
8 weeks Chinese course+ 4-12 weeks internship
Others please specify
Start Date*   Guide
Jan 09
Feb 13
Mar 06
Apr 10
Apr 24
May 22
Jun 12
Jun 26
Jul 10
Jul 24
Aug 07
Aug 21
Sep 11
Oct 16
Nov 06
Dec 04
Internship Duration*    Guide
4weeks 8weeks 12weeks Others
Finish Date*
Extra individual lessons during internship*
No Yes
+ 4 lessons per week + 6 lessons per week
Airport Pick-upGuide
No Yes
Arrival Date
Coming from (City) Airport of Arrival
Airline Flight No
Arrival Time    
Housing Arrangement*    Guide
No Yes
Private studio apartment Single room in shared apartment
Others(please specify)
Check-in Date Check-out Date
Applicant Information
Personal Information
First Name* Family Name*
Gender* Male Female
Nationality* Native language*
Date of Birth* day month year
Tel No.*
Country Area Phone
Mobile No.
Country Area Phone
(street) (city)
(zip code) (country)
Passport Number
(Provide as soon as possible if you don’t have one yet)
Current level of Chinese*
Total Beginner Beginner Elementary
Pre-intermediate Intermediate Advanced
Health Condition*
Any medical conditions(Allergies, asthma, illnesses, previous injuries, disabilities)
None Yes
(please specify here)
Symptoms Medications
Emergency Contact
Name* Relationship*
Tel No.*
Country Area Phone
Mobile No.
Country Area Phone
Do you have experience living or working in China or any other countries?*
None Yes
(please specify here)
Taken any programs with Mandarinrocks before?*
None Yes
(please specify here)
How did you hear about us? Please specify here*
Yahoo Search Google Search
Internship Intention

Preferred fields of internship (advertising, communication, designing, education, engineering, fashion, finance, marketing, media, real estate, sales, tourism, trade, etc.)

First choice* Second choice Third choice

What department would you like to work in? For what reasons?

What do you expect to gain from internship experience in China?

To confirm your application, a deposit of 500USD/450EUR deductable from the total (NON-REFUNDABLE) must be paid to MandarinRocks. This deposit is not an additional cost. The balance must be paid at least 6 weeks before arrival. Students currently in Shanghai or Beijing can pay by credit card or cash in person at school. Students from other cities or abroad can only pay by bank transfer. We will contact you with a confirmation email within the next 3 working days after your application is submitted. The deposit and payment are payable at that point, not now.
Other Information You Need Us to Know
Verify Email Address
All current and future correspondence, including confirmations and updates, will be sent to this address.
Enter your email address
Re-enter your email address
Email me occasional promotions and new offers
I have read and agree to Mandarinrocks’ Study-Internship Terms and Conditions
Contact Details
MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
Tel +86 21 62550715
Fax +86 21 62883988
E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com
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