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Get around in Shanghai
For your duration of course with MandarinRocks, Jiaotong Card (Shanghai Public Transport Card) can come in handy. You can load the card with money and use it in buses, the metro and taxis. You can get these cards at any metro/subway station, as well as some convenience stores like Alldays, Kedi.

By metro
The fast-growing Shanghai Metro network now has 8 lines with another 4 under construction. The trains are fast, cheap and fairly user-friendly with most signs also in English. You can now transfer between lines freely with a single ticket. Fares range from ¥3 to ¥9 depending on distance.

By taxi

Taxi is a good choice for transportation in the city, especially off-peak hours. It is affordable (¥14 for the first 3km) and saves you a lot of time.

By sightseeing bus
There are several different companies offering sightseeing buses with various routes and packages covering the main sights such as the Shanghai Zoo, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Baoyang Road Harbor. Most of the sightseeing buses leave from the Shanghai stadium.

On foot
Shanghai is a good city for walking, especially in the older parts of the city across the Huangpu from Pudong. Of course, given the large population, you should expect heavy concentrations of pedestrians and vehicles, but that is part of the excitement.
There are two walking tours recommended for our students:
1 Pudong walking tour
Pudong is the new development area in Shanghai , featuring the highest buildings of China , the highest hotel of the world and Shanghai 's landmark Oriental Pearl Tower . You can stroll by the river, from where you get the best view of the rustic Bund, in quiet Century Park or in the huge Super Brand Mall.
2 Former French Concession walking tour
The Former French Concession is a wonderful place for a long lazy afternoon stroll. See the century-old villas, find many small shops and galleries and see how people really live.

 Shanghai Entertainment
Xintiandi Bar area
The city offers a broad range of events throughout the year to satisfy the tastes of all age groups. It has numerous museum, temples, galleries, theaters and cinemas an impressive number of outdoor events, including concerts, dance, exhibition, festivals. Our teachers will accompany students to some of the events.
Thanks to the our central location and numerous means of public transport serving the area, it is possible to reach the most famous bar areas of Shangha just in a few minutes. For example, Tongren Rd, Xintiandi, Hengshan Rd, South Maomin Rd.

Shanghai is a fairly safe city, and violent crimes are very rare even in the poorest neighborhoods. However, the ever-increasing divide between the haves and have-nots has created its fair share of problems and petty crimes like pick-pocketing are on the rise on crowded subway trains and buses. You can call 110 when you meet those things above.

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