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Shanghai & Beijing Two Cities Program
Combine Shanghai and Beijing for your Chinese learning
Shanghai and Beijing are undoubtedly the most popular destinations for learning Chinese in China. While the two cities are very different, each has its own charm. Now, the combination of Chinese course in these two cities can be arranged in advance at MandarinRocks at no additional cost. Students may travel from Shanghai to Beijing and choose duration of staying in each city.

Through the Shanghai & Beijing Two Cities Program, you can not only aquire, improve, perfect Chinese rapidly, but also experience the cultural and geographic diversity of China. Plus, Shanghai and Beijing will maximize your experience by offering more more possibilities to enjoy beauty, history and lifestyle or career and business opportunities.

Destination 1: Shanghai
Shanghai China
Throughout the past century, Shanghai has had numerous name tags attached to it; like "Paris of the Orient" and "Pearl of Asia". Images of Shanghai more than any other Chinese city, are bountiful in the west. While Beijing is the political heart, Shanghai-the largest and most dynamic city in the world’s fastest- changing nation, the economic, financial and cultural center of China, is an exhilarating, spectacularly modern and ever-morphing metropolis that isn’t just living China’s dream, but is setting the pace for the rest of the world.

Destination 2 : Beijing

Beijing China
Beijing is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center of the People's Republic of China, while Shanghai and Hong Kong predominate in economic fields. The city hosted the 2008 Olympic Games. Few cities in the world besides Beijing have served as the political and cultural centre of an area as immense as China for so long. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes it as "one of the world's great cities".

Travel from Shanghai to Beijing
It couldn't be easier! There are numerous flights from Shanghai to Beijing every day which only take 2 hours to get there with price as low as less than 100usd. There are bullet trains (travel less than 5 hours) and night trains with comfortable and deluxe sleepers to Beijing every day as well. We can help you book tickets.

Course Options
General Chinese 20 (20 group lessons per week)
Includes four group lessons a day. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are integrated in the class to develop and improve students overall language skills. Suitable for students who wish to learn Chinese whilst experiencing the vibrancy and excitement of city.
General Chinese 30 (30 group lessons per week)
includes six group lessons a day. In addition to regular group classes in the morning which give students the opportunity to learn the grammar and practice the four key language skills while interacting in a small group environment, this course offers an additional two group classes in the afternoon that focus on providing students with practical experience and a focus on writing and speaking in everyday situations.
Combined 20+5 (20 group & 5 individual lessons per week)
Combines the experience of learning the language in a group whilst at the same time receiving individual classes. The individual classes in the afternoon allow you to work on areas you may feel need extra practice or which are of particular interest to you.
Combined 20+10 (20 group & 10 individual lessons per week)
Offers you the opportunity to supplement a general Chinese group course with 10 individual lessons. Two individual lessons daily allow students to reach specific learning goals more quickly
Individual 20 (20 individual lessons per week)
The one-to-one program is ideal for determined students who want to maximize progress during a short stay in Shanghai.
Other programs such as Business Chinese, HSK, Study-Internship, Summer Camp are currently only offered in Shanghai

Accommodation Options
Accommodation are available in both cities. Basic arrangement is student apartments. including Private Studio Apartment and Single Room in Shared Apartment. Other options include homestay, serviced apartment, hostel, hotel and can be arranged upon request. For details, please read Accommodation Page.

Start Dates
There are 16 start dates throughout the year for total beginners. Non beginners or individual course may start any Monday. For dates details, please read Program Schedule (the part for General Chinese)

You may freely choose duration of staying in each city. The final price only depends on the total duration, for pricing details, please read Price Page.

1. Minimal stay(course) of each city is 2 weeks.
2. Booking and payment deadline is at least 4 weeks before (in the case of accommodation arranged, 6 weeks before). Late applicants are accepted on availability.
3. Bookings can be made here online. Write down your duration of stay for each city in the comment box.

If you wish to combine study in other cities in China, please write to us at info@mandarinrocks.com

Contact Details
MandarinRocks (Shanghai)
Tel +86 21 62550715
Fax +86 21 62883988
E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com
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