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NGOs/Non-Profit/Social Services Internships in Beijing
BEST AFFORDABLE NGOs/Non-Profit/Social Services Internship Placement & Programs in Beijing

MandarinRocks Study-Internship program and Beijing Internship Placement program in Beijing provide students and young professionals worldwide with guaranteed internship placement in NGOs/non-profit/social services internships in Beijing, China. Before you begin the placement process, you must first apply and be accepted to one of the programs to begin. Once accepted, we will help you determine best internship opportunities that are commensurate with your qualifications, background, experience, interests and goals and then secure the internship placement from within our network of non-profit/social services organizations in Beijing. We guarantee internship placement or your money back, as we have successfully placed over 98% of our enrolled participants since 2006.

A non-profit internship in Beijing is an ideal way to experience the variety of tasks, roles, and responsibilities within a firm. A non-profit may refer to an organization or the entire sector. As an entire sector, non-profits include a variety of firms focused on helping others such as hospitals, universities, trade organizations, voluntary associations and social change organizations. In addition, the internship in Beijing enables you to gain insights of Chinese business and society.

Choice 1: Study-Internship (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Combining intensive Mandarin Chinese language learning with custom internship placement in your industry of interest.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Choice 2: Internship Placement (18-30yrs) (Check details)
Customized internship program in your preferred field. No course.
Flexible start dates and duration, year round

Destination: Beijing
Beijing China
Beijing is the political and cultural capital of China, one of the countryĺs true ancient cities. Less westernized compared with Shanghai, Beijing is more like a typical Chinese city - long history, traditional architectures, and slower pace of live, beautiful landscape. Beijing is a top chosen destination for international students, a great place not only for learning Chinese, but also for rich Chinese history and culture. If you plan do an internship in China, Beijing is an excellent choice.

Custom Internship Placement
Beijing Internship
Started out on providing internship opportunities to our school students, MandarinRocks has over 10 years of experience securing internship placement for hundreds of students and young professionals and is among the most realizable internship placement providers in China.

Some Recent NGOs/Non-profit/Social Services Internship Examples in Shanghai
Shanghai Non-profit Internship
Fundraising internships: Admin / Filing / updating the database, dealing with Fundraising requests and enquiries, fundraising events which possibly could involve helping after hours, Skills/attributes: good people skills, team player, good skills on Word, Excel and Powerpoint, good organisational skills, compassionate nature, Intern's job probably would not involve all of the above and if... ...
Shanghai Social Service Internship
We offer a rewarding internship opportunity in the marketing department under the supervision of the Development/Marketing Director. Specifically, the Intern will assist with writing, editing, and disseminating all press releases in English or Chinese as needed. Develop and maintain an updated media kit and media database. Schedule interviews and media coverage for the events, artist and announcements, specifically for...
Shanghai NGO Internship
Dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished rural communities in China through education and service. We partner with local communities, organizations and governments to identify sources of poverty and implement programs in the areas of education and community health. We believe that education creates opportunities for people to change their lives and create a new future...

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E-mail: info@mandarinrocks.com
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